Here’s The Best Jobsite Radio

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Best Ridgid Jobsite Radio

Best Ridgid Jobsite Radio

Introducing The Most Durable Jobsite Radio: The Ridgid R84082 Cordless Radio

During testing the Ridgid team runs over this radio with a truck and the radio doesn’t miss a beat and keeps playing music. Not bad. Pretty durable. Not a likely scenario, sure, but still pretty cool not something Bosch, DeWalt, Milwaukee or Makita can say about theirs.

If you want that kind of durability then this is your best option.

It also a remote that you can use to control your iPod/iPhone while it is in the docking station. There is also a Aux cable if you have a Samsung or Apple phone that doesn’t fit into the docking station.

Here’s the video that shows just how durable this radio is:

Benefits of the Ridgid Radio

1. Durable and Rugged

As you saw in the video above this is the toughest radio around. You can even try to bang it up and it will resist. If you are pretty tough on your tools and you work in an environment with some reckless co-workers then Ridgid has you covered with their radio.

2. iPod Dock With Remote Control From Up To 25ft

You can tuck your iPod in to the front compartment holder which allows you to keep the device charged and also you can control it with the included remote control from 25 ft. This is a feature unique to Ridgid. Think about it you place the radio at the edge of the jobsite and just carry the remote around with you. Anytime the song sucks you can easily change it without having to walk over there.

3. Great Sound

The Ridgid is not just tough it has great sound quality. It won’t rattle the room with its bass but you can definitely blast it loud enough to hear it from across the jobsite or garage – even over minor tool noise.

Video Review By Tools in Action

Check out this video to see how the compartment where your iPod goes and other features and perks of the Ridgid radio:

Thoughts on What Others Are Saying

Very fair reviews.

Many needed the iPod/phone dock and the Ridgid has it. Many were not very pleased that the battery doesn’t charge when the AC power is plugged in. This is a common complaint across most jobsite radio. I hope the respective companies start listening to us and make the batteries charge when the radio is plugged in.

How Does This Ridgid Radio Compare To Other Ridgid Radio Models?

Ridgid Bare-bones Jobsite RadioRidgid offers one other jobsite radio. Their other option is a more affordable and bare-bones radio as pictured here.

It offers AM/FM and AUX input for playing music from your phone or other MP3 player.

Ridgid has taken the same drop resistent housing to make this little radio extremely durable as well. If all you need is a rugged simple radio then this is a 1.6 pound affordable option.

If you prefer this Ridgid radio you check it out further here.

Wrap Up

As you saw in the first video on this page of the Ridgid guys dropping cinderblocks and running of the radio with a truck you know it can stand up to abuse on the job site.

That is why we rank it the #1 most durable jobsite radio. In addition, it is one of the only jobsite radio that truly allows for iPod docking and remote control of that music via the remote control.

People love its sleek look and great sound and because of this rate is on average 4.2 out of 5 stars.


  1. product page for this jobsite radio is chalk full of extra pics and the Operator’s Manual, which we read to get further warranty information and operating instructions information.