Here’s The Best Jobsite Radio

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Best Milwaukee Jobsite Radio For Most People

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Introducing The Milwaukee 2790-20 Jobsite Radio

The best Milwaukee jobsite radio for most people is the 2790-20 shown here. It isn’t the most expensive or most affordable radio by Milwaukee but we feel because of its value for money it is the best.

Like other jobsite radio is it water and dust proof and has a rugged construction in case heavy things bang into it.

Milwaukee does have a worksite radio with a charger but it is an extra $100 or so. They also have a a Bluetooth speaker without the radio but you can always play radio through you phone. Regardless, the 2790-20 is our pick because it hits the sweet spot.


1. Built in Bottle Opener

Enough said. A fun addition. Did DeWalt think of this? In all seriousness it just goes to show that they were thinking in detail how to please you with this radio.

2. Great Sound With 4-inch Woofers and 1-inch Tweeters

Milwaukee is touted has having close to the best sound from their jobsite radios. It might not be as loud as Bosch but the clarity and quality is highly rated by users. You can rest easy knowing that when you buy a Milwaukee radio you are getting great sound so that when you are across the workshop, warehouse or jobsite you will clearly hear the music or radio talk.

3. Weatherproof Compartment For Phone/MP3 Players While Hooked-in

There’s a media compartment that opens at the top of the radio to allow you to keep your phone safe when plugged in or charging.


Check out this walk-around of the Milwaukee work radio:

Thoughts on What Others Have To Say

The radio is very highly rated among reviews. Let’s take a look at constructive review to see what might be bad about the radio.

Thoughts: People want the recharging your battery when plugged in technology on all radios. However, it is actually a patented technology that DeWalt owns. Only Bosch has managed to negotiate the use of it through a deal. From my understanding the charger radio by Milwaukee below doesn’t actually charge the battery that is in current use but in fact only charges a battery in an alternate charging station.

Other Milwaukee Radio Options

Milwaukee offers 3 other models (only Makita has more models of radio) for jobsite sound, including a Bluetooth speaker that will play your phone music wirelessly. Here’s the rundown of each:

M12 Bluetooth SpeakerMilwaukee M12 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bluetooth speaker with battery level gauge
  • Phone USB charger

Very easily play stuff from your phone whether it be Pandora or music from your playlist. Cost is low so if you only care about amplifying the sound from phone then this is a great option. Note that it has a battery gauge and can charge your phone via USB. It uses the M12 Milwaukee battery and will last days on one charge.

M12 Cordless RadioMilwaukee Jobsite Radio M12

  • AM/FM
  • MP3

As you can see from the image this is a simplified job site radio that is much smaller than the best one. It runs off the Milwaukee M12 series batteries and a full charge should get you to 5-6 hours without a break of listening.

M18 Jobsite Radio and ChargerMilwaukee Jobsite Radio and Charger 2792-20

  • Charger
  • Bluetooth

Here’s the Milwaukee jobsite radio that also has a charger. It is affordable depending where you buy it and as you can see has a great big sound system.

Wrap Up

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio 2790 Top ViewMilwaukee Tools is owned by the same company that owns the Ryobi brand, a Hong Kong based conglomerate that also owns Hoover and Dirt Devil.

Milwaukee has been around since 1924 and over the years has been owned by Amstar, Merrill Lynch and Atlas Copco. At this stage they are just a brand and their tools are made in the same assembly line as Ryobi, Homelite and others. I don’t say this negatively… It is actually allows them to make a much better tool for much less price… And they pass that on in more affordable tools to capture a wider market. Pretty smart!

If you’re looking for a solid jobsite radio and you already own Milwaukee you won’t be disappointed by this one. They currently went on sale as we approach the sales season so check it out quick.


  1. The official Milwaukee Tool website page for all their site radios was used to find the uniqueness of each and also check out the reviews from customers. Also check out some more photos of the 2790-20 here.
  2. Head back to the work site radio reviews homepage.