Here’s The Best Jobsite Radio

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The Best Bosch Jobsite Radio For Most People

Best Bosch Radio Overhead View

Introducing The Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger

Bosch 360S Jobsite Radio Intro ImageThe best jobsite radio from Bosch is also the best jobsite radio from any brand because it has the best sound quality. It also has a charger for your Bosch power tool batteries. How useful would that be? You don’t have to worry about your tools dying in the middle of a job and not being able to charge them.

The downside to the sound power and charging capability of the PB360s is it’s larger/heavier than the other jobsite radios and one of the more expensive units.

It has a subwoofer, 4 speakers, a sturdy protection frame and 4 AC outlets so you don’t need your power bar. If you want that ability to charge your power tools it’s only 1 of 2 radios that do it, and definitely the better sounding of the 2.

Benefits of the PB360S

Here are the 5 main benefits of the best Bosch jobsite radio.

1. Can Charge Your Power Tool Batteries

The Bosch PB360S is only 1 of 2 jobsite radios that is also a battery charger. The DeWalt is the other. This is a huge advantage if you work away from electric outlets and need to charge your cordless drill. You can also use it to charge you smartphone through the DC outlet or via USB plugin.

2. It’s Ultra Durable

Not only is this radio resistant to water splashed on it and dust being swept on it… but also to equipment falling on it and you dropping it. From the pics you can see it has a sturdy aluminium/rubber roll cage to protect it. All these features ensure you can bring it to your worksite and not have to worry about it. It handles its own. I’m sure you could run a car over it like the Ridgid radio can handle, but it’s still super tough.

3. Heavy-duty Sound

This is the only pure jobsite radio that has a subwoofer and 4 speakers. This give surround sound and ensures you feel the lows. The 4 speakers on each corner are vital to ensure the music or radio reaches then entire jobsite and not just what is in front of it.

4. Acts as Your Power Bar

There are 4 AC outlets that can be used as a power bar as long as the radio is also running off mains electrics instead of its batteries. This great because now you won’t have to carry a power bar with you. Just bring the radio and it doubles as a power bar.

5. Play Music From Phone or USB

You can connect you phone or iPod type device via AUX cable that is included. You can also plug a USB stick with MP3 format music on it and control it via the LCD screen on the radio. There’s also an add-on option to play via Bluetooth but you’ll have to get the $15 connector cable extra. If you are dead-set on having Bluetooth built in out of the box, check out: Porter-Cable or Ryobi.


Here are some alternate views of the radio showing you the power bar, charging station and media centre.

1. Power Bar

Bosch Jobsite Radio Power Bar ImageThe Bosch radio has 4xAC outlets (non GCFI) and can be used as long as the radio is plugged in itself. In other words it is a power bar and a radio and a charger.

You can see the outlets are protected with fold down covers to ensure dust and water can’t ingress.

If you’re holding the radio up to your face with your right hand on the right side and left on the left side. The power bar would be where your right hand is and the media centre where your left hand is.

2. Charging Station

Bosch Jobsite Radio Charging Station Image

The charging station for your Li-ion 14.4-18V batteries is located behind the radio side at the back,

You can see that the opening secures itself at the top and has a red bracket for you to pull and open.

Some of the only complaints this radio gets are around getting the batteries in and out of this space. Many find it tight and hard to angle the batteries in – especially if wearing work gloves.

3. Media Centre

Bosch Jobsite Radio Media Centre Area ImageThe Bosch radio has an area to charge or plug in your phones, camera or whatever else hooks up via USB, AUX or SD.

In this area is also a 12V DC adaptor cigarette lighter style.

You can see that on the door panel of this section has a velcro strap to secure your iPod/music playing device while playing music from. Of note is you can only seem to play music from your phone via AUX line and not via the USB line, which is kinda stupid. But yeah the USB is only for charging.


What Others Are Saying About The PB360S

If you look at this radio’s rating on Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes you’ll notice it averages around 4 / 5 stars, which is really high. Here let’s analyze the results of some of the more constructive reviews from people who rated in the mid range.

There’s 3 reviews each with some pros and cons. Let’s review the reviews.


  • Sound and radio superior to DeWalt.
  • Built in charger.
  • Durable.
  • Good sound that carries well.

This is what I’ve been saying – the Bosch is the best radio because it has the best sound. Confirmed.


  • Annoying how you need AA batteries for the radio presets.
  • Media centre is poorly designed.
  • USB does not allow you to play music through it – you have to play music through AUX input.

My comment is that it is very strange how the USB connection doesn’t allow you to play through – only charge through. I would probably rather buy the Bluetooth add-on connector instead of playing through AUX, but that’s just me. Here’s the Bluetooth connector I’m talking about: Mpow Streambot Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.

How Does This Bosch Compare To Other Bosch Radios?

In short – it is better than the others but also larger and more expensive.

Here’s what the two others look like compared to the 360S. It’s not 100% obvious in the image but they are much smaller. You 6 or 7 of the PB120s into the volume of the PB360S.

Best Bosch Jobsite Radio Compare

In terms of specs here are the main differences to know about:

PB120 – Good affordable jobsite radio option if you tend to have your radio close by.

The PB120 is the smallest, lightest and most affordable jobsite radio by Bosch. It’s specs are:

  • Uses 12V Li-ion battery
  • 3.1 pounds
  • 2x 5 watt speakers
  • 8 hours runtime

PB180 – Great option especially if you value a long runtime on a single battery charge.

  • Uses 18V Li-ion battery
  • 3.7 pounds
  • 2 days runtime

PB360S – Best performing jobsite radio and is also a charger.

  • Uses 14.4 or 18V Bosch Li-ion batteries
  • Charges 14.4/18V Li-on batteries
  • 25 pounds

To Wrap It Up

This jobsite radio lasts. It has an IP rating of 54 meaning it stands up to rain, water being splashed on it (basically anything up to high pressure jets). IP54 also means dust resistant, which is needed for most worksites.

It has surround sound and a subwoofer. It can charge your power tool batteries. It has 4 AC outlets to use like a power bar so you can leave your power bar at home.

If you want a jobsite radio to endure the jobsite environment with ease so you can concentrate on getting the job done instead of worrying if someone is going to drop something on your radio – the Bosch is the jobsite radio with all the protection you need and the best sound to go with it. It often goes on sale for deep discounts so be sure to check out the link.


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