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Featured Jobsite Radio Reviews

Best Sound Quality – Bosch

Bosch Best Sound Quality Jobsite RadioIf you’re buying a jobsite radio you need it to have good sound. You need to be able to blast it over the jobsite noise. The Bosch Power Box provides that quality and power.

Most Popular – The New DeWalt 

DeWalt Most Durable Jobsite RadioWhen DeWalt set out to create the best work radio they had their reputation in mind… Guaranteed Tough is their slogan after all. They wanted to create the toughest jobsite radio. I’m not sure if you could call it that – considering the Ridgid radio can withstand a car running over it, but DeWalt is the most popular.

Most Affordable – Makita

Makita Most Affordable Jobsite RadioYou have most likely heard of Makita power tools because they are affordable, reliable and well-made. Their jobsite radio is no exception. It is not only the most affordable but has the smallest footprint making it perfect for taking with you to any jobsite.

Most Durable – Ridgid

Ridgid Jobsite RadioThe testing Ridgid put their jobsite radio through is both hilarious and awesome. They dropped cinder blocks on it, ran over it with a truck, and the whole time the radio kept playing.

Jobsite Radio Reviews By Brand

What brand of tools do you already own and prefer? Here are the best brands of worksite radio on the market. Click on the link and be taken to the radios full inspection.

DeWalt Jobsite Radio and Charger

Dewalt Jobsite Radio LogoThe DeWalt brand was born in 1924 when Raymond DeWalt invented the radial arm saw.

Since then they have been leading the market in durable power tools. They took this experience and made you 5 jobsite radios to choose from. But 1 stood out from the crowd.

Bosch Jobsite Radio and Charger

Bosch Jobsite Radio LogoBosch Group started as a small electric engineering workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. Their first products were low-voltage ignition systems for motor vehicles.

Now, 130 years later, Bosch designs and manufactures things as far reaching as power generation tech for wind turbines to fuel injection systems to jobsite radios. Speaking of which: Bosch has 3 on offer for you to choose from.

Makita Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

Makita Jobsite Radio LogoMakita is a Japanese company that was formed to sell lighting equipment. It wasn’t until 1959 (49 years after its founding) that it transformed into a power tool manufacturer.

Today they are well known for their battery powered hand tools. They have 3 worksite radios on offer.

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

Milwaukee Jobsite Radio LogoMilwaukee Electric Tool Corporation sits beside Ryobi, Hoover and DirtDevil as the major 4 brands of Techtronic Industries (TTi).

TTi, a Hong Kong based company, also supplies Ridgid and Craftsman with their specified electric tools. Milwaukee has 3 worksite radios to choose from.

Ridgid Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

Ridgid Jobsite Radio LogoHow can Iron Man be wrong? In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark uses a Ridgid pipe wrench to open a valve. He didn’t use a Ridgid jobsite radio but that doesn’t matter because the trusted Ohio brand’s reputation speaks for itself.

They started in the 1920 with pipe wrenches and now offer everything from jobsite radios to multimeters. Check out their radio:

Black & Decker Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

Black and Decker Jobsite Radio LogoBlack & Decker merged with Stanley in 2010 to form Stanley Black & Decker.

In fact, this conglomerate owns the DeWalt brand, Porter-Cable brand, DustBuster brand and more. Here’s their best worksite radio:

  • See best Black & Decker

Ryobi Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

Best Ryobi Jobsite Radio LogoRyobi is a brand that sits under the TTi umbrella. It is exclusively sold at The Home Depot.

Their brand’s market niche is affordable tools.

Porter-Cable Jobsite Radio (Not Charger)

PorterCable Jobsite Radio LogoPorter-Cable sits under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella and is best known for their saws.

Porter Cable was the first to sell a portable belt sander and invented the helical-drive circular saw we see still used today.

Jobsite Radio Reviews 101

A jobsite radio is a normal radio tuner with upgrades to make it able to withstand harsh jobsite conditions.

Features To Look For

Battery / Voltage – What kind of battery powers the radio? Can the radio be powered by batteries you already own – for example, if you have Mikita power tools can the radio run off all of them or only the 18-volt ones? Some are compatible with multiple and some only allow 12-volt or 18-volt batteries.

Speakers – How many speakers does the radio have? Most have 2. Some have 4 and a subwoofer.

Frame Protection – The Bosch, DeWalt, Ridgid and some Milwaukee worksite radios have a protection frame, some don’t. Do you expect things to fall on your radio or will it stay on your truck away from heavy loads?

Digital Radio Tuner – How many AM / FM presets? Does it have equalizer settings?

USB / AUX / Docking / Smartphone Connection – What sort of connections do you need your radio to have? Will you mostly play from your smartphone? Do you need it to be MP3 compatible and able to play songs from a USB stick?

Display – Does the radio have an LCD display with alarm and clock? Will it display the current song? Or is all analog via a knob?

Charger – Can it charge your tools and phone? The DeWalt and Bosch are the only ones that can charge your power tools.

Power Outlets – Can you plug stuff in?

Weather Resistance – All jobsite radio are designed to be weather resistant – that is what makes them worksite ready. But can they survive a downpour or just a few drops of water?

Warranty – Given these radio are tools they are prone to harsh environments. What warranty does the brand offer? The warranties range from 1 – 3 years and cover manufacturers defects.

Advantages Of A Worksite Radio Compared To Normal Portable Radio


Jobsite radios are designed for the outdoors. Whether it’s a splash of water or a cloud of dust the radio will keep working. To do this manufactures adhere to the IP Code – which is an International Protection Marking standard that rates the degree to which a product is protected from intrusion.

The rating system is based on 2 ratings: solid particle protection and liquid protection. The Bosch radio, for example, is IP54. The 5 tells us that it is dust protected and the 4 tells us it is protected against splashing water like a splash from a water bottle or rain or a hose being sprayed onto it. A liquid rating of 6 would be able to withstand a pressure washer directly spraying it.

Charge Your Tools

The Bosch and DeWalt radios can charge your battery powered tools. You can just imagine how useful this is. Next time you’re running low you can just plug your charger into the radio and charge your power tools dead battery.

Tough Protection Frame

All jobsite radios are made tough – that’s really the whole point of them. They can withstand heavy things falling on them. With a normal radio you drop a screwdriver on it and it probably cracks. But not a work radio.