Here’s The Best Jobsite Radio

Best Ryobi Radio For Around The Garage and Jobsite

Best Ryobi Jobsite Radio

Introducing The Ryobi P742 Radio With Bluetooth For Around The Jobsite

This (and the Porter Cable) are the only models featured on this website that have Bluetooth out of the box and also a radio. All the others seem to need adaptors or are only speakers (no radio).  The Bluetooth speakers from Milwaukee and DeWalt don’t have the radio.

The Ryobi radio also charges your phone via USB and is very easy to use and connect via Bluetooth to play Pandora, music or whatever you choose.

Technically this is the most affordable jobsite radio – even though I rate the Makita as the best affordable unit. If you have a lot of Ryobi tools, and all you want is a simple radio and Bluetooth speaker for use in a garage or small jobsite area then this a great affordable option.


1. Very Light and Compact

Sometimes you don’t need huge sound and price tag. This is a little radio with a little price tag with a huge number of features. It’s only 1.4 pounds without the battery and you will get 8 hours of music on 1 charge. All this for a price tag well below the other units with the similar features. It will easily fit in your tool box at the end of the day.

2. Very Affordable

Whether you asked for this as a gift or just want a new radio you will be happy to hear this radio is only $50 – 70 depending if you buy online or at Home Depot.

3. Charges Phone

Since you will most likely be streaming through the Bluetooth for most of the day you will love the fact that the USB is built in so you can always come back to a fully charged phone. This is a lifesaver as we all know how often you forget to charge the phone and show up with it at 25%.

4. Bluetooth and Radio For Around $50 – 70

You’ll see Bluetooth speakers for around the same price and this one has USB charging and also the radio. Not bad. And if you already own Ryobi cordless tools this really is a must-have addition to the kit.


Check out the Tools in Action team play around with this radio in their workshop:

Notice how they mention that when you wrap your hand around the antenna the radio drops out a bit? I’m curious, doesn’t that happen with quite a few radios that are less than $70…

What Do Others Have To Say About The Ryobi Radio With Bluetooth?

Everyone loves this little radio from Ryobi. But I wanted to pull some of the more critical reviews and share them with you here:

4-Star Review From Troy on

Charge your Cell. Listen to Your Own Playlist or the Radio.

I use this (away from power sources) to listen to local radio for 2 hours and 6 hours listening through my cell phone’s Bluetooth. Additionally, I leave the Cellular plugged in thus keeping communications fully charged. One battery lasts a minimum 6 hours if you use Bluetooth AND charge your cell at the same time. If you have Ryobi batteries already, 2 batteries will get you through any day. If left in direct sun on a hot day, the battery seems to drain faster.

This is not a “premium” radio so keep that in mind as it is not loud enough to hear nears generators, diesels etc. but fine outdoors. You must have Ryobi batteries already because the battery is not included. I have seen this on shelves at Home Depot for $40 but is almost impossible to find there due to cost/demand.”

Thoughts: It is not surprising how hard it is to find this radio at Home Depot. It looks cool and we all love affordable things. Ryobi really hit a sweet spot with this one.

4-Star Review From wvrktguy on

Great features in a compact radio

Nice little radio. Sound quality isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst either. I do like the fact that it has bluetooth, runs off of my One+ batteries, and I can charge USB devices from it. I am getting about 8hrs of straight usage off of one of the smaller batteries which isn’t bad at all. Overall very happy with this little radio. Seems to be pretty durable too.”

Wrap Up

The Ryobi is an affordable radio that is small and chalk full of value adding features. It is a Bluetooth speaker and radio that is lightweight and compact. Some say it doesn’t have the bumping sound of other boomboxes but Ryobi clearly wasn’t going for that.

So if you’re in the market for a big boombox type radio check out Bosch or Ridgid or DeWalt models.

Otherwise why not check out the deal they have going for the next few weeks since it’s coming into heavy-duty sales season:


  1. Ryobi listing for the P742 radio was used to read the User Manual’s, FAQs and parts list.
  2. Head back to the Job site radio homepage.