Here’s The Best Jobsite Radio

Best Porter-Cable Jobsite Radio

Best Porter Cable Jobsite Radio

Introducing The Porter-Cable PCC771B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Do you already own Porter-Cable tools?

If yes, then this is jobsite radio for you. It runs off the same battery as your other Porter-Cable 20V cordless tools and will give you at least 5 hours runtime on 1 charge.

If you want a great little compact radio that isn’t expensive or bulky then this is a great option from Porter-Cable.


1. Bluetooth Compatible

Lots of the other radios from other brands require you to buy an adaptor that plugs in via the AUX port to get Bluetooth. This one has Bluetooth out of the box. In addition, it is very affordable at around $90 depending when and where you buy it.

2. Lightweight and Compact at Only 3.2 pounds and The Size of a Shoebox (Fits in Your Toolbox)

Everyone is loving how lightweight and compact this jobsite radio is. It will fit into your toolbox at the end of the day and can easily work on a beach trip, camping trip or around your home garage. If you want lightweight and simple also check out: Ryobi and Makita radios.

3. 3-year Limited Warranty (Most only have 1-year)

Porter Cable backs this radio up with a 3-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. This is great considering you will most likely buy online and not get to test it before purchasing.


Check out this video to learn more about the radio and see it in action:

What Others Are Saying

I like to include some constructive reviews from other people in this section. I stick to 3 and 4 star reviews because they have a good mix of feedback. Below are two reviews, a 3-star and a 4-star.

3-Star Review From Mike Humbles on

Small with big punch!

Clock is totally unreliable.
This unit is very small.
Speakers are loud enough but distort when loud.
Bluetooth is scratchy.
but I love it. Its perfect for my work place and fits neatly in my toolbox at the end of the day.”

Thoughts: Valid points. I’m sure that people have different definitions of what distortion sounds like when the radio is loud.

4-Star Review From Damon Stewart on

Very portable Bluetooth sound system.

Unlike the previous review, the Bluetooth connectivity works great with my iPhone 5s. The sound is okay and with decent volume, this is not a large radio by any means. The AM-FM radio has good reception and the controls are simple to use. Its seems quite sturdy and solidly built. I already have the full complement of Porter Cable 20v cordless tools and wanted a portable AM-FM/Bluetooth radio, this fits the bill nicely. The audio quality wont win any HiFi awards but it does have independent bass and treble controls that help.

PS, the previous reviewer may have had his phone trying to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once causing his issues. I have run in to this issue myself when I have had two Bluetooth devices simultaneity powered on that have been paired on my phone.”

Thoughts: The review is fair.

Wrap Up

Porter-Cable put together a really nice radio. It’s simple and has the features you want – Bluetooth, 12 radio presets, LED screen, AUX connection… And all for under $100.

Enjoy streaming Pandora at the jobsite or simply listening to music from your extensive library on your phone… Or even just listening to the radio all day at work. This radio will do everything you need without being damaged if it gets wet or some tool drops and bangs it.


  1. For radios with built-in chargers check out Bosch and DeWalt.
  2. official product page for the PCC771B radio with Owners Manual, Warranty Info, Parts List and full features and specs.
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